Explore Your Innerverse


Explore Your Innerverse

What Is Sensory Deprivation?

The clue’s in the title. Flotation Therapy, REST, whatever name you’ve heard, the goal is the same; to help you relax, mentally and physically. It’s dark, quiet, and without distractions, so your senses won’t be doing much of anything. You’ll be surprised how easily you power down once you step in the tank.

How Does it Work?

We fill our state-of-the-art tank with 350kg of epsom salts, then dissolve it in 30cm of water. It’s the exact same idea as the Dead Sea. You’ll float on the surface naturally, feeling like you’re completely weightless. We warm the water to be the same temperature as your skin, so you won’t know which parts of your body are submerged. The result; it feels like you’re floating in space. It’s as strange and awesome as it sounds.

What Happens to Me?

Basically, non-essential parts of your sensory experience shut down. On any given day, your brain is bombarded with thousands of stimuli, all courtesy of your senses. That can be tough, especially when you’re stressed. When you float, you push the reset button.

When you’re in that tank, without all the usual garbage flooding your senses, your brain can focus on what really matters, you and your body. It can slow down, take a breath, and help you get deep with meditation, heighten relaxation, and boost your creativity through the roof.

Ready for your first float?

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