About Our float rooms

How many do you have?

Two. We’re a small studio, built for true float enthusiasts, and we’ve very consciously kept it that way. Just because we have two float rooms doesn't mean you need to bring a buddy, in fact most of our customers float solo.

Can you tell me about the float tanks?

Sure. They're called ‘Apollo’, and as the name suggests, they look pretty space-age. We’d say they're around 1.5m tall & 2m+ long. Put it this way, once you’re lying down, you probably won’t touch the ceiling if you stretch your arms out. All in all, they're spacious, comfortable, and easy to get in and out of.

Float Length & Frequency

How long is a float session?

90 minutes. The Laureate Institute for Brain Research (L.I.B.R.) is advancing the world of floating with cutting edge research. They found (wait for it…) 90 minutes was the optimal time for their studies, and, let’s face it, if it’s good enough for the experts, it’s good enough for us!

Can I float for longer?

Sure, though we recommend you start with 90 minutes—that seems to be the sweet spot for beginners. That said, we’re happy to accommodate longer float sessions. Get in touch.

How often should I float?

Think about floating as a practice. It has a learning curve, and the effects certainly accumulate over time and with frequency. The more you float, the easier you can tap into your meditation state, in the tank and out of it. In fact, we offer a Float Club for frequent flyers, and membership certainly has its benefits. Learn more about them here.

Preparing For Your Session

How should I prepare?

Go easy on the caffeine or any other stimulants on the day of your float. We’d also recommend you don’t shave. Oh, and don’t dye your hair or get a fresh tattoo. If you just did either, we’d recommend you wait a few weeks before paying us a visit.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just bring a towel and an open mind. We provide all the particulars like body wash, shampoo, and ear plugs. When you book, we’ll ping you an email with some tips and advice on prepping for your first session.

What do I do after my session?

Try to take some time (even a few minutes) for yourself after your float. It’ll help you soak up the experience even further and give you a moment to ponder any thoughts or personal stuff that came up during your float. We have a calm, cozy little lounge with free tea and we’d love for you to use it.

Location & Parking

Where are you located?

14 Lockhart Street, Woollongabba. It’s a ten minute walk from Mater Hill busway station, or five minutes from Park Road railway station.

Do you have off-street parking?

Yes, so don’t worry about any parking tickets.

Booking & Contact

Do I need to book online?

Yes. We require all sessions are made in advance by appointment, so no walk-ins, please and thank you.

How do I contact you?

Contact us anytime with any question you like via Facebook chat or email. We do our best to respond to every customer ASAP, but at busy times, give us a few hours. Remember—we’re here to help!