Most Asked

+ Ok, I’m in to Try It. How Should I Prepare?

Don’t drink caffeine or any other stimulants on the day you float. We’d also recommend you don’t shave. Oh, and don’t dye your hair or get a fresh tattoo. If you just did either, wait a few weeks before paying us a visit.

+ Do I Need to Bring Anything?

Just bring a towel and an open mind. We provide all the particulars like body wash, shampoo, and ear plugs. When you book, we’ll ping you an email with some tips and advice on prepping for your first session.

+ What Do I Do After My Session?

Bask in your wonderful mental state! We offer a truly relaxed, peaceful environment, with a private lounge, chilled out music, and plenty of books to read. You’re welcome to hang out as long as you like.

+ How Often Should I Float?

As often as you please. Floating has a learning curve, and the effects certainly accumulate. Think of it this way - you wouldn’t go to the gym once and expect to be in the best shape of your life. The more you float, the easier you can tap into your meditation state, in the tank and out of it.

The Studio

+ How Many Tanks Do You Have?

Two. We’re a small studio, built for true float enthusiasts, and we’ve very consciously kept it that way. Part of the joy of floating is the atmosphere that comes with it, and it’s hard to maintain that atmosphere when 20 people are waiting their turn. Floating is a solitary experience, one where it’s all internal. For that reason, we’d recommend attending your appointment by yourself. If you really want to come with a friend, we have a separate booking calendar. You can find it here.

+ Can You Tell Me About the Tank?

Sure. It’s called ‘Apollo’, and as the name suggests, it looks pretty space-age. We’d say it’s around 1.5m tall & 2m+ long. Put it this way, once you’re lying down, you probably won’t touch the ceiling if you stretch your arms out. All in all, it’s spacious, comfortable, and easy to get in and out of. The door slides easily, so you can open or close it at any time. Don’t worry, it’s not claustrophobia-inducing like an MRI machine.

+ How Long Is a Float Session?

Even the most experienced float enthusiast can take 30 minutes to really hit theta state. Once there, the idea is to keep it rolling as long as possible. Most places in our industry offer 60 minute sessions, but come on. That means you’re only really getting half the bang for your buck. Well, we think our customers deserve more than industry standard. That’s why our sessions are 90 minutes. Think of the first 30 like a warm-up for the real thing.

How about some hard stats? The Laureate Institute for Brain Research (L.I.B.R.) is advancing the world of floating with cutting edge research. Their current work is focused on anxiety, PTSD, and addictions, and has produced very promising results. They found (wait for it…) 90 minutes was the optimal time for their studies, and, let’s face it, if it’s good enough for the experts, it’s good enough for us!

+ Can I float for longer?

Sure, though we recommend you start with 90 minutes—that seems to be the sweet spot for beginners. That said, we offer limited 2 hour float sessions, booked through a special calendar. If you’d like to get on it, click here.

Location & Parking

+ Where Are You Located?

14 Lockhart Street, Woollongabba. It’s a ten minute walk from Mater Hill busway station, or five minutes from Park Road railway station.

+ Do You Have Off-street Parking?

Yes, so don’t worry about any parking tickets.

Fears & Anxieties

+ Will I Trip Out?

Not in a ‘I just saw winged demons flying outside my window’ way. Sensory Deprivation can bring about a gentle, controllable, and temporary shift in consciousness. It can be educational, and yes, it can be manipulated in a way that suits your needs, be it attitude, behaviour, or perspective. You definitely should not use the tank under the influence of drugs or alcohol, if you’re epileptic, or you suffer from serious mental health problems.

+ Can I Drown If I Fall Asleep?

Certainly not. Some folks do fall asleep, but the epsom salt makes the water so buoyant that you’ll stay afloat. You’re in water, not on a mattress, so there are no pressure points. That means your body won’t feel any urge to roll over.

+ What If I’m Claustrophobic?

When you’re in the tank, it’s more ‘outer space’ than ‘shut in a box’. That said, we come prepared. If you start to feel panicky, there’s a light inside the tank, and no latches, so you can step out anytime you like.

+ How Do You Keep the Tank Clean?

This is super important to us. We filter the tank after every single use, and we keep it totally sanitised. The saline solution we use doesn’t support parasitic, fungal, or bacterial life.

Other FAQs

+ Do I Need to Book Online?

Yes. We require all sessions are made in advance by appointment, so no walk-ins, please and thank you.

+ Can I float while pregnant?

Hmm, that’s an interesting one. Floating is totally safe while pregnant, but we like to be doubly, triply, quadruply safe, particularly when you and baba are stepping into our tank. To float at SDB during pregnancy, please get approval from your midwife, OB, or other healthcare provider. Once we have that, jump in!

+ Is This Scientifically Proven?

In the 40 years since floating burst on the scene, a huge volume of published research has came with it. We’d recommend reading ‘Tanks for the Memories’, and ‘The Deep Self’ by one of the first floatation researchers, John C. Lilly. By the way, we have copies of both.

+ Why no phone number?

Honestly, email just seems to work better for our customers. Sometimes, they have complex questions, awkward questions, or they just can’t jump on the phone in the middle of the day. For those reasons, we provide unlimited support to all our customers: past, present, and future, via email. Get in touch anytime—we’re here to help!