Welcome to SDB

Life these days is rarely easy and never simple, but at Sensory Deprivation Brisbane, it gets a little easier and simpler. Whether you’re a young professional, artist looking for inspiration, or parent dying for a bit of ‘you’ time, we provide deep relaxation on demand with our floatation tanks.

We’re passionate about floating and all the benefits it brings, inside and out. That makes us your perfect partner, whether you’re an old hat or brand new to floating. If you want a space-age clinic with lab coats and expensive treatments, we’re not for you. If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing, friendly atmosphere at a price you can afford, head on over. 

Unlike other floatation spots, we offer 90 minute sessions instead of an hour. That gives you more time for your money, and more space to explore yourself. Ready to find out how SDB can help you relax, focus, and recharge? Feel absolutely free to browse the site for more info about our space, our rates, and our floating expertise.



It’s just you and your consciousness.

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